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We’re like the Herbie of the finance world. Fully-loaded and sentient. Kind of.

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Scan > create

Scan your receipts, invoices, POs, and more. We recognize the right info and fill in the fields for you.

Just review and send.


Create multiple transactions across different types, projects, departments, and so on. We split ‘em up for you.

Multiple line items

Kind of a last minute person? No problem. Create as many transactions as you want in a single report.

Any currency

Transactions are not always on home turf. Switch between currencies for any transaction.

(There’s always a default)

Real-time visibility

End-to-end visibility from creation and approvals, to accounting, payment, and closure in real-time so you never, never have to follow up again.

Full document capture

Attach everything from official purchase quotes to invoices so you’ll always have the right and full context.

Customize data fields

Need more info? Need less info? Create, rename, or delete any field for your transaction.

Wide range of transactions enabled

Get started with the usual set OOTB. Add or edit your own as you go!

Project based tracking

Assign and track spend/revenues to a project you’re working on. Makes it easier to bill clients or accounts.

Complete history

Keep track of every change so you’re always in the know.

Instant share

Sometimes it’s just easier if your team can access the transaction and help you out. Share with a click.

Alerts and notifications

Everyone’s busy and a lot of stuff slips through the cracks. Email, push, and phone notifications.It’s quite literally the least we could do.

Live chat and video

Speak to everyone across the approval chain + finance + accounting + your cat.Sort things out faster.

Smart insights

Instantly know if the transactions are within budget (for spends), flag issues and duplicates, and quickly compare with other team members, depts. and more.

Create for and assign to others

Initiate transactions on behalf of other team members. Policies and workflows kick-in for the right person, no problem.

Input tax credits

A couple of clicks and any tax credits you can claim, are accounted for.

Standard templates

Ready-to-use templates for all the commonly used transactions. You can tweak these at any time.

Automated accounting entries

GAAP accounting entries automatically created for every transaction. Just review.

Single click payments

Directly complete payouts right from the platform!

Coming soon!

Policies and approval workflows

Custom policies

Create and manage your own policies any time with the ultra-simple policy builder. Policies are implemented as soon as they’re created.

Activate with one click

Make your policy live or deactivate it with a single click - Only applies to new transactions created since.

Flexible policy applicability

Decide which policy applies to a transaction by (transaction) type, amount, creator, department, or literally anything.

Separate locations and divisions

Transactions are not always on home turf. Switch between currencies for any transaction.

(There’s always a default)

Decide what to allow

Decide what you’re fine with allowing in terms of transaction amounts, over-budget approvals, invoice deadlines and much more.

Manage policy violations

Capture additional information, require additional approvals and reviews or simply stop the transaction.

Complex logic made easy

Define policies as you see fit, layer rules and logic to fit any use case.

Sequential approvals

Route transactions through linear or sequential approval and review steps ensuring the cleanest process.

Parallel approvals

Assign and track spend/revenues to a project you’re working on. Makes it easier to bill clients or accounts.

Create and manage approval flows

Add, remove, or edit steps for approval and review - in sequence or otherwise.

One-rule fits all workflows

Add approvers and reviewers based on title, manager, or an individual user so it’s the same for everyone.

Pre-approved exceptions

Different teams have different transactional behaviour. Easily give them greater flexibility with pre-approved exceptions to policies.

Spend caps and limits

Set limits on transaction amounts, travel claims, and more by department, by user, by title, by employee grades, and more.

Approval reminders

Automated reminders for approvals as well as easy access to all pending actions on your plate.

Audit and compliance

Audit trails

Detailed logs of every action, approval, review, and change made to the transaction including policy deviations and how they were handled.

Digital data and records rooms

Complete repository of all evidences, documents, invoices, receipts, POs, and so on. Always accessible.

Audit views

Filter and share your data with auditors to ensure super-fast audits where your’re always in control of the level and duration of access.

Find issues in transactions

Manage automatically detected issues such as duplicate receipts, policy violations, overspending, and more.

Auto calculation of taxes

Auto capture and computation of taxes from the invoices and other documents. Input credits accounted for as well.

Visibility into transaction status

Real-time visibility that ensures you know of potential problems well in advance.

Compliance views

Compliance dashboards and reports that consolidate all policy deviations, problems and risks that need your attention.

Categorize transactions

Differentiate between transactions that are refundable, that can avail tax benefits, and more.

Budgets and control

Detailed budget allocation

Assign budgets by department, cost center, secondary cost categories, month, quarter, groups, and more...

Budget change approvals

It should be easy, but not too easy - dedicated approval workflows even for those allowed to make changes.

Divisional budgets

Create and maintain separate budgets for different P&L divisions within your business(es). Manage shared and separate budgets easily.

Real-time budget tracking

Track and visualize your allocated, utilized, and remaining budget in real-time across departments and cost categories.

Budget alerts

Get notified when your budget utilization crosses certain thresholds. Helps you track spend, adjust your planning, and revise forecasts.

Deep reporting and analytics

Figure out your top spend categories, departments, transactions, and more with dashboards and reports.

Dashboards and reports

Business overview

Single dashboard that captures all key business metrics - perfect for you as a CEO/CFO.

Financial dashboard

CFO and finance leadership dashboard that gives you all key financial metrics in a single glance. Drill down for more details.

Employee dashboards

Simplified dashboards for non-finance teams to manage their day-to-day payroll, docs, transactions, and more.

Partner dashboards

Dedicated dashboards for financial service partners - CAs and accountants, with summarized metrics and action items.

Always real-time

As all of your transactions are routed through the platform, your metrics are always reported in real-time. No more once-a-day updates


You have complete flexibility in terms of setting up your dashboards the way you want them. We’re always working on surfacing better insights.

Access controlled

Allow differentiated access to distinct dashboards based on titles, departments, user types or individual users themselves.


Dashboards that portray all of your transactions, across all of your business, across all of time. In one single place.


GAAP COA - customize at will

Codified and ready to use - completely OOTB. Get started immediately (or customize).

Tax computation and record creation

Claim input tax credits based on the transaction type - automatically account for it too.

Automated journal entries

Journal entries based on your specifications created auto-magically! Simply review and post.

Consolidated accounting view

Full view of records for all transactions - edit, add, delete, and push to your accounting system with ease.

Export entries

Export your accounting entries as csv, xls, or xml files and upload to your accounting tool of choice anytime.

Quickbooks integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!

Tally integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!

Xero integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!

Freshbooks integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!

Netsuite integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!

Zoho Books integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!

Sage Intacct integration

Single-click post and reconciliation with real-time sync.

Coming soon!


Even more flexibility to use RouteNow the way you want.

Coming soon!

Admin controls

Bulk user onboarding

Invite your teams to RouteNow with ease. Automated invitations and account setup guides.

Business details

Manag your business locations, divisions, registration info and more.

Multi-currency support

Choose your operating and reporting currency defaults. Change these at a transaction level any time.

Comprehensive access control

Edit and manage roles, grant or revoke access to transactions and dashboards, add, remove, or deactivate users.

Multi-level org structure

Create and manage multi-level org structures with parents and subsidiaries with consolidated reporting options.

User types

Manage default user types as well as add or remove custom types such as business partners, customers, vendors, contractors, freelancers, and more.

User accounts

Choose what users can do with their accounts - edit personal info, update banking details, access employement records, manage payslips, and more.

There’s a lot more headed your way.

A sneak peek into what’s in the pipes.

Mobile app

So you can do all of this anytime, anywhere.

Vendor management

While you can still add them to your account, the update will transform the way you think of vendor management today.


Milestones, OKRs, Gantts, Kanbans... manage projects your way.

Team centers

Like your very own hub for posts, announcements, transaction feeds, and more.

Partner-first accounts

Manage all your customers from a single account.


With pretty much anything you use (or plan to).


Regulatory and statutory compliance management


Simplified financial planning and analysis